Monday, September 17, 2012

Where to begin?

         So my first blog. So much and so little to say all at once. As a mom their are so many things to worry about. Our son is two and a half and we want all the best for him. That in itself has put us in a tight spot. He is a happy healthy and very spoiled little thing! We have the same worries and anxieties as any parent. His safety, health, developement, etc. On top of all of that though we have to raise our son in a world that is full of hate towards a family like ours, 2 moms raising our kids.

      When things for us were in an ok financial spot, we decided it was time to have another baby and expand our family. So we did, and at first we didn't think it took. So after a few weeks of mounted stress and thinking that we weren't pregnant, deciding that it was for the best and vowing to try again when we were back to where we wanted to be, we find out that we are going to be having another baby! Despite all of the downs and stresses we are so excited and can not wait for our son to be a big brother!

       So with all of that out of the way this blog is going to document (hopefully weekly) the ups, downs and anything else that comes along with these adventures. Everything from parenting a 2 year old to the details of this pregnancy and life as a lesbian couple raising a family. So sit back and enjoy the chaos!

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