Monday, October 1, 2012

Day To Day.

As much as it isn't really is.

Now basically everyone knows that we are having another baby. A lot of people are far more supportive than others and well you know what they say, friends are the family you choose. In situations that make you happy you have to pick and choose what you listen to and what you take to heart. Those who aren't happy for us or doubt we will make it through this...take a look at how we did it when I was pregnant. How many of you doubted us then, let's not lie there are a lot of you who did. A very large amount of those that doubted really had no place in our lives then and were left behind. Congrats to you on not getting to know our son. :D  

We know whole hearted that the only way to survive what is going on right now is to take it day by day and try to support and love each other completely. Fighting gets you no where. And as a good friend told me, fighting about money is stupid. Having the people in our lives that keep us up right now is what keeps us going. And seriously let's face it, without challenge life would be like riding on cruise control...where is the fun in that. I have taken to listening to music and writing a little bit when I am feeling down. My love is full of hormones which makes everything else in life a little harder to deal with but we are working it out and I am showing her full support and doing my best to keep her smiling. We have been through worse and honestly we made it out alive and happy. We went out last night without the boy for the first time in a long time. It was nice to get away for a few hours and of course coming back to reality wasn't, but such is life.

On a happier note though, we go to the OB on Thursday to finally get an ultrasound and find out just how far along she is. Very much looking forward to that. Those of you who support us I want to thank you from the very bottom of my heart and if you take the time to read these well it is much appreciated.

Love those who love you right?

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